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Pedicure | Podology course Den Haag

Pedicure podology Den haag – 1 day
Do you want to be that master that gives a good pedicure? Then Ezoncs is the right place for you! So many people strugles with fugus nails, hard skin, ingrown nails diabetic feets and this has been traced down to where they had their pedicure doen in the past!

We will train you how to do a perfect pedicure with kart costmetic from Isreal, this brand is well known to treat all type of feet / foot problems.

WE GIVE THE pedicure course at our location in Den haag – Ezoncs Beauty salon. We will teach you how to be the best podologist; this course is suitable for beginners and pros

The price for this course den haag is € 199 inc vat

Why have your biab course / training at Ezoncs Den haag?

We own a series of beauty salons in the Netherlands, thus we work and teach with experience. We do what we teach and we teach what we do. You will be taught by one of our finest and best beauticians at Ezoncs, so you are in a safe hand.

We will teach you to be the best ” podologist there is. And at the end of the day, We also provide you with Jobs at Ezoncs. This course is suitable for nail beginners and professionals.

The price for a 1 day intensive “Pedicure course” is €199 inc vat. What you would be learning are:

We offer you to immerse yourself in the world of innovative KART pedicure based on a cosmetology approach. Discover the smart peeling system KART (Israel) that solves  aesthetic and podiatric problems in your pedicure practice.

The goal of the products is actually one, to improve the quality of the skin and nails. The cosmetologically approach allows to obtain tangible long-term results with positive dynamics of skin and nail regeneration. The unique techniques developed by KART allow you to find non-standard and effective solutions to many aesthetic problems.

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