Kart Pedicure Course

KART Pedicure Course Den Haag:

KART PEDICURE – A unique and special pedicure technique that is much more eaiser, faster and gives better results for the clients than the classic pedicure.

Kart pedicure is such an easy to do and learn pedicure technique, that even someone without pedicure experience can do it.

What makes this PEDICURE course different from others?

Usually the KART pedicure is around 40 minutes, no matter good or bad the feet are. Out of that you work only 20 min, and 20 you can enjoy the talk with the client or rest because the products work for you.

Why learning kart PEDICURE course / training at Ezoncs Den Haag?

  1. It is a demanded service, as almost every second person has at least 1 or 2 foot problem.
  2. You can make more money by selling home care products to your clients. Thatis always at least 30e./person.
  3. It’s not only demanded in the summer. Kart pedicure is always demanded, as 80% people need usually rebook the service.
  4. You will get an international certificate
  5. You will get a 40% disocunt on KART vegan and Proffesional Products
  6. Our student(s) has douled their income after the Kart training with us.
  7. We own a series of beauty salons in the Netherlands, thus we work and teach with experience. We do what we teach and we teach what we do.
  8. 85% of our clients always come back
  9. You could get a job right away with us.
  10. You will be taught by one of our finest and best specialist at Ezoncs, and a certified Kart instructor, so you are in a safe hand.


·  Increase your price list
· Have fully booked calendar months ahead
· Make more money but work less
· Start your business with confidience, that you can help people, and have a solution for their problems
· Have zero worries about good products, that can deal even with fungus or hard skin
· Be able do to know more about fungal nails, hard skin, corns and other foot and nails problems
· Recommend and sell vegan and efficient products based on clients problems
· Work with any type of difficult feet and nails

…… Then this course is for you

The training is divided in 3 sessions : Theory, Demonstartion, Practical.

The Theory and the Demonstartion will be covered on the first day. After the first day you will get the certificate that gives you 40% discount and also the protocols of what products to use depending on the problem.

We reccomend to buy the course + practical , this way you will learn also how to do gelpolish/biab, take care of the cuticles, correct nail shapping, especially for begginers. For the practical part you also need to have the produdcts bought(you can also get it fter the first day).

After the pedicure training, you would be able to do these:

Some of the problems that you can solve with Kart pedicure:

  1. Hard skin and cracks
  2. Dehydrated, thin skin or diabetic
  3. Swolen legs because of sport, pregnancy…..
  4. Calluses
  5. Warts
  6. Onychomycosis (fungal nails)
  7. Onyholisis(the nail void)
  8. Ingrown nails
  9. Thick, yellow nails.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Pedicure course for me if i have no nail experience?

Yes , definitely. Make sure you choose also the practical part

Is this Pedicure course for me if I am professional nail tech?

Definitely, this way you can add to your services and also learn how to work with problematic feets.

  1. Also have clients not only in the summer, but throughout the year.
  2. Increase your income.
  3. Add an demanding service to your list
Do I need to buy anything before the course?

Yes, you need to buy the products if you want to have the practical part.There are also 2 packeges that you can get everything needed

Do I need to look for a model for the pedicure course training?

Yes , you will need a model for the practical, if you follow it. But don’t worry, if you cannot find models , we have you covered.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. You will get the certificate and support after the course. So you can alway ask us questions and share with your progress.

Also if you complete the Kart pedicure you get an international certifictate, that gives you 40% discount on products

What makes this pedicure course different from others?

This course is unique, we will teach you not only the spa pedicue, but also how to help your clients with different problems and also that will allow you to increase your income, and save the time that you work.

Can I upgrade my package during the pedicure course ?

Yes , if there are still spots

Where can I buy the products?

You can buy your products with us, or order online

For how many treatments the products are enough?

Usually the products are enough for 50 -100 appointments

Have some more questions?

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